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Wingcapman Eleven
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Hello creative viewers. I'm Wingcapman, but you call me Wing or my real name Jeremy for if my nickname is too long. My hobbies are most likely drawing and playing videogames, but I also like creating models out of different materials, like clay, wood, fabric, gypsum, paper mache and maybe even things I haven't tried out yet (I'm a curious person when it comes to creativity). I also like creating models digitally - with programs like Google SketchUp (for now only landscapes and objects).
One day I'll learn how to make 3D models like characters instead of landscapes and buildings, that'd be pretty crazy. :P
Questions about my front page
Q. Now that we visited your DeviantART webpage, where are your drawings?
A. Next to my username in the bar above my Friends roster, you have 5 tabs: Profile, Gallery, Prints, Favourites, and Journal. If you want to check out my drawings, click on Gallery. Caution! I dropped most (or pretty much all) of my drawings in folders which are listed on the left side, if you want to check all drawings, there's a Browse tab above the folders.

Q. How long are you registered on DeviantART?
A. I've been registered here since June 5th 2007. The reason why I'm registered here is because I'd like to learn a lot about art-wise subjects, improving my own style and reality like observing things. Aside from that, I also like to share ideas. :)

Other stuff
Q. Do you also have different websites?
A. Well, yes, I have. I have a Tumblr account as well, I drop my projects and other, interesting stuff there. I'm pretty inactive on Tumblr, though... I also have a Youtube account. Currently I'm uploading some progress videos for some projects I'm working on, but most of those are video-game-related. :)

Q. I look at your Tumblr account now, and found some weird pages containing dreams of yours. Can I post my dream there too?
A. Well, you can tell me your dream, just in your own words, and I'll copy-paste your whole dream on my Tumblr. You don't need to post like all of your dreams since I can understand that some dreams and thoughts are a bit too personal, so I'm not forcing you to tell about them, it's all up to you. :)
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Where my Bacon-with-Bean megarocket is still waiting to be fixed, darn it. >:U
Today it was the first day of Abunai! 2016, first time I actually put one of my game consoles for public use for the game room which is kinda scary/uneasy, but in a way it feels good to leave a console like that so that other people can enjoy. I only did it for like the Japanese games I have for it, because APPARENTLY a lot of retro consoles over there don't even use the Japanese version for most games. :lmao:
As for how the day went, was pretty coolish! Met some awesome people talking about the good and bad stuff, met :icondelt-4: for pretty much one of the first times face to face, talking about more stuff. I must say, it feels really weird but special the fact that I'm travelling alone this year. Basically just friends over the world who're here as well just cross-passing and talk about stuff, but in a way that we all have fun, which is good! My first day was a little bit of meh because I slept in at 5AM due to having Commander Keen helmet "paint problems" (never gonna buy this kind of yellow paint ever again, reminder), rushed after waking up because the helmet's last touch - the varnish layer - was still missing, needed to clean a bit of the mess I made the couple of weeks (... I'm terrible when it comes to projects, like really...), walked to the busstation with a weather condition of 30 Celcius, backpacked with heavy stuff and a lot of food and drinks, my game console setup, and my darn pogo-stick which I couldn't even showcase to the people at this convention because of... You know... Laws and rules about metal-related objects seen as weapons and to keep it safe. <~<
Hmm, didn't really buy anything as of Day 1. Maybe tomorrow?? Ftw a Japanese convention doesn't sell Japanese games-- Err, I bought food to survive I guess?? :P

The beginning of this day was quite sad though, the queue of the ticket registration was pretty long, even after an hour or two after the doors were opened (let's say some ticket/money problems were involved in this). IT WAS FUN, YOU KNOW, MELTING BY THE ANGRY SUN WITH HUNDREDS OF OTHER PEOPLE IN THE QUEUE, WONDERFUL! :lmao: But the day went and ended well. I feel like I acted a bit off, distracted or just "off this planet" though, like I heard people shouting "Commander Keen!?" sometimes but I just went forward, instead of looking around to find this specific person. I think that's because of the lack of sleep combined with overwhelming crowd, basically the kind of drugs I do NOT want. xD
(Oh crap, I didn't take any photos and probably no one made photos of me. Oh well...)
Another day of not buying anything. BUT! I had tons of fun with playing games with other people and talking about any kind of stuff we could talk about. Even though it was the busiest day of the weekend, it was really fun and I enjoyed the whole day. Finally met :icontr-kurt:, I couldn't find him at all at Friday, we probably were at the other side of the hotel while we were looking for each other. :lmao:
It was another crazy hot day though. I also missed most the events I wanted to be, but at those times I was goofing around, talking with people or playing games with people... Or eating. :P
This year I didn't really want to join a competition or tournament, but I decided to join one just for fun and not doing my best, actually tried to entertain people and help people out with parts they're stuck with - it was a game tournament, and any help or tips are a good thing, you'll never know if it will become useful or not. :)
The last day... Dude, the temperature was actually really good! It was still quite hot for people with thick clothing or fursuits, but it was bearable this time. This day I decided to buy some stuff, but ended up with some games I was looking for quite a while now. Sad thing is, I also wanted to buy something for my mother, but I only had 20 Euros left out of the 100 I brought to the convention. 40 Euros for 3 games... And 40 Euros for the darn food. <_<
I have the feeling that the food really was over-priced this time, it didn't even feel my stomach at all. If I'll visit a convention again, then I'll bring a freaking salad and other cold-dinner-related food. It's really crazy! RIP that llama plush I wanted to buy for my mother. xP

I couldn't find :icondelt-4: this day sadly. Basically the same thing happened with Kurt and me at Friday, that's a shame though. At least we all had tons of fun, that's what counts, right?? :)
As for the Ending Ceremony, I managed to get in just in time to see it, was nice, fun and all, and dang it my predictions were right! I thought if this year's theme is all about space and the future, why wouldn't it surprise me that next year is about the past?? And yes, it is! So the idea I had about a blue knight costume might become a thing eventually! I wanted to make a knight costume in the style of the Mario Kart item - the Blue Shell. I can mix this up with next year's theme, since they're going back in time until they reached the time of the Samurai. So, a blue Samurai helmet with spikes on top and wings on the sides, blue spikey shoulder plates, blue armor etc., I have to think about it though because I don't want to sweat in a heavy or heavy-equipped suit. Would be a nice thing. At least it's a plan. I just don't know what else I want to make for if the weather becomes too hot like this year, though. :noes:

Now it's time to get my rhythm back and get started to become a creative person again, without the lack of concentration and the lack of sleep. :P

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